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What will happen if I submit my genome to be part of

Your genome will be integrated in portal. This means:

What do I need to submit?

When submitting your genome please be sure to have the following data:

and the following information:

If you have more data you want to share, we'll be happy to help with that.

How I do submit?

You just need to contact Prof. Dario Cantu and/or Andrea Minio. Please, provide as much information as you can about the assembled genotype, the data and the procols used. We will reply as soon as possible to coordinate the submission and for data transfer.
Contacts are the following:


  1. Nomenclature of sequences and feature IDs should be unique, not only within the dataset but also globally.
    To distinuish each genotype among the many cultivars and clones avaiable we use to follow strict rules (see Massonnet et al. 2020 [link]), this allows to have unique identifiers locally an globally on the website.
    If the given annotation is not unique enough, identifiers will be chaged as necessary and conversio table from previous/published annotation ids will be created for the final user.
  2. If your genome was produced in diploid fashion, please provide the information to separate alternative sequences.
  3. If the repeat annotation is not available, it will be performed by us using RepeatMasker trained on our custom Vitis repeats database
  4. If sequences are not provides, they will be extracted using the genome sequence and the gene structure annotation GFF3